Upholstered Furniture Care

The furniture in our home plays a big role in the comfort and functionality of a room. Many times our upholstered furniture pieces get overlooked and forgotten when it comes to cleaning,but just like with carpet or any soft surface in the home your upholstered furniture can be a home for germs and bacteria. Proper care of upholstered furniture will not only keep things fresh but looking neat and tidy as well as prolong the life of your furniture.

Here is s list of basic furniture care to keep your home furnishings in top shape:


  • This is the best way to maintain your upholstery. Vacuuming keeps a large amount of dust, dirt, and stains form embedding into the fabric fibers. Should be done at least once a week,more if you have a home with pets or allergy sufferers.
  • Clip threads and tighten any buttons that may get caught in the vacuum and cause larger issues.
  • Use the soft brush attachment, make sure it is clean and free of oily residue. It might be good to purchase an extra soft brush just for the furniture.
  • Use the crevice tool for corners and tight spaces

Spot Cleaning

  • Read the cleaning label on each piece of furniture very carefully to know what cleaning solutions are best for the fabric and which solutions to avoid.
  • Never soak upholstery with cleaning solvents
  • Always test new products on inconspicuous areas first
  • Gently blot stains never rub harshly
  • Have upholstered furniture professionally cleaned at least once a year
  • Consider having your professional cleaner apply a stain guard to the upholstery

Pet Hair

  • Use a clothing brush with a bristle head or napped fabric head to gently brush up the pet hair
  • Use a lint roller to remove pet hair
  • Try using a rubber glove or balloon to attract pet hair away form the upholstered surface

Specific Care Tips for Different Types of Fabric

  • Cotton fabrics are the most widely used for upholstered furniture. The durability of the piece depends on the weave and finish of the fabric. Cotton will fade in direct sunlight so these pieces should not be set up near windows. Pre-washed cotton fabrics

hold up well with mild detergent and water.

  • Cotton Blends are sturdy and family friendly. Stain protective coating should be applied for the best protection.
  • Canvas is a good choice for rooms where furniture is utilized the most. It is a sturdy fabric but it does show an accumulation of dirt¬† easily so frequent vacuuming is important.
  • Damask should be kept in formal living areas where great care and attention are used. This material needs to be brushed and vacuumed gently to avoid snagging or breaking threads.
  • Linen is also best for formal and adult living spaces. Have soiled linen professionally cleaned as soon as possible. Keep linen out of sunlight.
  • Microfiber materials are a recent trend in home furniture. This fabric quickly became popular for its stain resistance and ease of cleaning. It is a great choice for family friendly homes.
  • Wool and wool blend upholstery is study and durable just like the carpet. Careful spot cleaning techniques and a thorough review of the manufacturers suggested care are all you should need.
  • Silk is another delicate fabric that should only be used in formal situations. Keep out of sunlight and call a professional upholstery cleaner for any cleaning.
  • Sunbrella is an indoor/outdoor fabric. This material gives superior stain resistance and is not prone to fading, great for busy families that can give minimal care.
  • Leather furniture needs to be regularly vacuumed and wiped with a damp clean cloth. Leather should be conditioned with special leather conditioner or saddle soap periodically.
  • Suede can be vacuumed with a soft brush attachment. Use only cleaners specified for suede do not use water.

Caring for the furniture in your home is important. All Kleen is here to help you with any upholstery problem. Make an appointment online today.