Use Alcohol to Clean Microfiber Furniture

Over the last decade Microfiber has become one of the top selections for home furniture. Microfiber is super comfortable, durable and highly stain resistant. Many owners of microfiber furniture claim to have spilled something on their sofa and be able to immediately just wipe it away with a clean cloth. Over time microfiber furniture can begin to look tired and worn and lest resistant to staining and dirt. You can easily freshen up microfiber furniture with a little alcohol.

This is the best at home method you can use to clean and freshen a piece of microfiber furniture. It is not the best idea to use plain water on microfiber furniture as it will leave behind water marks instead the use of rubbing alcohol is better as the alcohol is quick drying and less likely to leave anything behind. If you don’t have any rubbing aka isopropyl alcohol handy clear alcohols such as vodka and gin can also be used but rubbing alcohol is best. Of course it is always best to test a small-unseen area such as the bottom of a cushion before cleaning the entire piece of furniture to ensure there is no color bleeding or damage.

First gather all of your supplies. You will need some rubbing alcohol, new scrubbing sponges not regular sponges you will need the scrubby or brillow side, some paper towels or white cloths, a spray bottle, a toothbrush for small areas like the binding, and a soft bristle scrub brush or clean shoe brush.

Second open up any doors and windows in the room to ensure the area is well ventilated.

Third pour the alcohol into a clean spray bottle and spray the furniture being careful to spray one small area at a time. The alcohol dries so quickly that it is best to spray no larger than a 2ftx2ft area of your furniture.

Fourth use the soft side of the sponge to wipe away the dirt. Once the dirt has been wiped clean from the surface turn the sponge over to the scrubbing side and gently rub in a circular motion to help re-fluff the fibers. Be careful not to scrub the binding with the large sponge it is best to use the toothbrush on the binding or tube-like seaming.

If you have an area with heavy soiling the sponge may not be enough to wipe clean. If this happens simply use the extra paper towels or white cloths you have handy.

Lastly give the furniture some time to dry completely. After the furniture has completely dried it may feel stiff. Simply take the clean soft scrub or shoe brush and rub in a circular motion as before with the sponge to re-fluff and bring back softness. Another clean toothbrush can be used to re-fluff the binding.

This is a great way to do a quick refresh on your microfiber furniture. If you find yourself with stubborn stains that won’t lift from the upholstery or you need a deep down clean give All Kleen a call.

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