Use Caution with Store Bought Stain Remover

It is not uncommon to think that using commercial spot cleaners you purchase off of a grocery store shelf are easier and less of a hassle than making  your own stain remover solution from safer household products. One thing people don’t realize is that there are a number of harsh chemicals in these already mixed cleaning solutions and they require you to proceed with caution  or you could cause significant damage to your floors.  Use Caution with Store Bought Stain Remover

How Can a Cleaner Made to Clean Carpet Damage My Carpet?

This is a valid and obvious question. Given that these cleaners advertise to make your carpet good as new not ruin it. The reason there is harmful potential in these cleaners is many of them are made up of a long list of harmful and harsh chemicals you probably have no idea what they even are because the ingredient list on the label is lengthy and unpronounceable. These chemicals have potential to ruin carpet fibers if used incorrectly or on the wrong type of carpet.

With ALL new spot cleaning solutions you try on your flooring, especially chemical based commercial cleaners, it is best to try the solution on an unseen area of carpet. Ingredients in these cleaners could have an adverse reaction with the materials in the carpet fibers, the carpet dye, or even the layer of stain guard that has been applied to the carpet. This reaction could lead to a bleaching of the color commonly referred to as “color loss” leaving you with an unsightly white mark on your floor where the color has bled out.

It is very common for consumers to use too much of these spot treatment products when cleaning the carpet. It is always best to use the less is more approach with spot cleaning treatments. It is never good to saturate carpet especially with chemicals. Make sure to read the instructions on the back of the cleaner and follow them exactly.

Some times you use a commercial cleaner on a stain only to find it comes back larger and darker than it was to begin with. This is due to the amount of soap and product you use and not rinsing the solution from the carpet. It is very easy to forget this step when spot cleaning.

So if you decide to use store bought commercial cleaners make sure that you know what you are putting on your carpet and proceed with caution by carefully reading the directions and testing all new products on an unseen area first. There are also some great products with natural cleaners or you can mix up some spot cleaners with things you already have in your home.

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