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Use These Household Items to Fix Your Floors

Use These Household Items to Fix Your Floors

Posted by on June 21, 2018

The floors in our homes take a beating with day to day life and all the chaos that entails. From pet claws/nails to muddy footprints, to spills and stains, and furniture scratches, and beyond. A sure thing you can count on is that your floor will need some care at some point to bring it back to life.Use These Household Items to Fix Your Floors

Did you know that some floor repairs can be made with simple items you probably have already sitting in your home? There may not be a need to go out and purchase a more expensive product specifically made for that one-floor repair. Here are some unconventional floor fixes using unlikely objects that might just save you some money the next time you need a fix.

Walnuts for Wood Scratches

Harwood floors are gorgeous and can add a lot of style and beauty to a room, but they are also very susceptible to scratches.  Not to worry you can repair shallow scratches on your hardwood floor simply by rubbing a shelled walnut into the scratch. The natural oils from the walnut help to mask the scratch.

Baby Oil for Shiny Vinyl Floors

Have a dull vinyl floor that could use a little life breathed back into it? Use baby oil and apple cider vinegar dissolved into hot water to bring life back into your vinyl floor. Simply add a few drops of baby oil to one cup of vinegar and a gallon of hot water. Apply the shining solution with a damp mop.

Ice Cubes for Gum and Glue

This method has been around for a while so you may or may not already know about it. If you have gum or adhesives stuck where they don’t belong try the freezing method first. Grab an ice cube and set it on the gum or glue until it is hard and frozen. Once the messy sticky goo has hardened gently chip it away with an old credit card or bread clip on a hard surface or use a blunt scraping object like a butter knife on carpet and fabric.

Salt to Soak Up Spills

If you have a liquid spill, but no wet/dry vacuum you can soak up the liquid with salt, let the salt absorb the liquid, and then vacuum away the salt with your regular vacuum.

Shaving Cream and Lemon Juice for Grout

Get dingy and dirty looking grout fresh and new with some shaving cream and lemon juice. Mix the two together, apply it to the grout, and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. After the mixture has had time to sit scrub it with a soft bristle brush like an old toothbrush and then rinse clean.

Tea Bags for Dark Hardwood Polish

Shine up those hardwoods with the help of a few simple tea bags. Bring a quart of water to a boil and remove from heat to steep six tea bags. Let the tea cool then grab a soft cloth and soak it in the tea. Wring out the cloth and gently wipe it on the floors. Don’t apply large amounts as too much water can damage the floor. Alternatively you can use a spray bottle being careful not to spray too heavily.

WD-40 for Makeup on Carpet

Makeup can be tough to get out of any fabric it comes in contact with. If you have makeup on your carpet, apply some WD-40 to the stain. Use sparingly and rinse out of the carpet as soon as the makeup is cleaned away.

If you have a tough floor, upholstery, or tile stain that just won’t come out its time to call in the pros for some help. All Kleen is a Seattle area carpet cleaner with over 30 years of experience.

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