Carpet that is well maintained and cared for will last for many years. The best way to maintain your carpet is with regular proper vacuuming and routine professional cleanings at least once a year. There is also another tool that few people have heard of and even less use for the regular care of their carpet that can be very beneficial and that is a carpet rake.

At first, the thought of raking your carpet may sound strange or even overboard but the use of a rake on your carpet can keep it looking beautiful.

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Not just any rake will work on your carpet, however; you need to be sure you are using a special rake designed just for maintaining carpet. If you have had your carpet cleaned professionally you may have seen a carpet technician using a carpet rake on your floors.

You can find these special carpet rakes online, in carpet care stores, for sale by some professional carpet cleaners and even at some regular retailers.

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Carpet rakes are easy to use and require very little know how to use to aid in keeping your carpets fresh and new between carpet cleanings. The suggested use for carpet rakes is to run them over your carpeting just before vacuuming to get deeper into the carpet fibers and loosen any dirt and debris hanging out in your carpet. A carpet rake helps to enable your vacuum cleaner to operate at optimum performance and make it easier to pick up the debris once it has been loosened from the carpet fibers.

If you are really dedicated to fresh clean and well-kempt floors you can also rake the floors post-vacuuming. Raking after vacuuming helps to re-fluff the fibers of the carpet and leaves a fun just cleaned design on your flooring. Some dedicated carpet owners have fun creating different patterns in their carpet after cleaning.

Raking your carpet may sound weird but it can be fun and beneficial to your floors.

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    Can you rake berber carpets?

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