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Are You Using Your Steam Mop Properly?

Are You Using Your Steam Mop Properly?

Posted by on June 21, 2018

A steam mop is a great tool for hard surface floors, however, the commercials and infomercials trying to sell steam mops may give a few misconceptions about them. After watching a steam mop infomercial it seems like a magical tool to take away all your mopping woes. While it is an amazing tool to keep your floors looking amazing, it only does this when it is used properly.  

There are many different styles of steam mops available now as compared to when they first came on the scene about 5 to 10 years ago. No matter what type of steam mop you decide to purchase for your home there are some key practices to employ when using a steam mop on your floor.  

 Prepping is Important Are You Using Your Steam Mop Properly?

Getting all loose debris off the floor before mopping is crucial.  You could sweep before mopping, but vacuuming is just a bit better. Using a vacuum with good suction will pull more debris out of cracks and grout lines that can muck up the mop head. The cleaner the mop head stays the better the mopping.  

 Steam Mops are Best as Maintenance Cleaning Tools 

Using a steam mop is ideal on floors that are only slightly dirty. A steam mop is not going to be very helpful on a floor that is heavily soiled. The steam will only move the heavy amounts of dirt around the floor and the end result will not be ideal.  

Steam mops work best when a floor is regularly/routinely cleaned and only needs a light touch. So if you have a fairly dirty floor it is best to use the old-fashioned method or another mopping method using a soap solution and then maintain your floors from there with the steam mop. Ideally, a steam mop is great for more frequent minor cleanings. This may sound like more work because you are mopping more often, but this cleaning method saves time and elbow grease over traditional mopping.  

 Get Plenty of Mop Pads 

A steam mop is only as good as its mop pad/head. The larger your floor the more mop pads you will need. The mop head should be changed when the soil begins to build up or is visible on a majority of the pad. Mopping the floor with a dirty pad just continues to spread dirt around and you are no longer cleaning. Average size rooms are going to take at least two to three mop heads. The good news: they don’t cost very much and are easy to stick in the wash for re-use.  

Only Use Steam Mops on Sealed Hard-Surface Floors 

Steam mops are not safe to use on all types of hard surface floors. Steam mops should only be used on hard surface floors that have been sealed to deter extra moisture from damaging the floor. To ensure a steam mop is going to be safe to use on your floor test it on a small area where no one will notice if it does a small amount of damage.  

Don’t Let It Sit in One Spot 

When using a steam mop it is best to keep the mop moving and not have it sit in one spot for a long period of time, this can be damaging to your floor. You also do not want to leave the steam mop plugged in and sitting over your floor as too much moisture will accumulate in the pad and then onto the floor which can cause damage to the floor. When you are finished mopping it is best to allow it to cool just enough to remove the pad as soon as possible and then store it.  

With the right technique, your steam mop will become your favorite floor care tool. It is also important to have a professional hard surface floor cleaner care for your floors at least once a year. For the best in professional floor care, make an appointment with All Kleen. 

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