Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

When it comes to your floor the vacuum cleaner is the most important machine in your home. Proper vacuuming is essential to keep your carpet in its best shape and prolong its life. Some people love to vacuum others not so much. Did you know you may not be using your vacuum to its fullest potential?

Many vacuum owners run their vacuum cleaner over their floors as quickly as possible thinking that they have done their weekly duty but proper vacuuming is more than just quickly running the machine over your floors. For tips on proper vacuum techniques check out this article.

In addition to not vacuuming correctly many vacuum owners never touch the vacuum cleaner attachments. Attachments allow you to maximize the potential of your vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner attachments allow you to get a better clean for your floors as well as help with other cleaning projects you may have never thought about.

Crevice Tool: The crevice tool is that long skinny nozzle looking piece. This tool is great for cleaning around the edge of the carpet along the base boards and in the corners where the larger part of the vacuum cannot reach. The crevice tool is also great for the hard to reach areas under couch cushions, the corners of the stairs, and even your mattress and under furniture and your stove.

Dust Brush: the dust brush it the rounded tool lined with brush bristles. This tool is great for well dusting surfaces as the name indicates. The brush allows for dusting without scratching. This is a great tool for blinds and window sills and even getting the dust and cob webs from ceilings and walls. Other uses for the dust brush include heating vent grates and along the tops of baseboards.

Upholstery Tool: The upholstery tool looks like a miniature version of the suction part of your vacuum. Many upholstery tools have a red carpet like strip on them. The upholstery tool is your furniture and mattress’s best friend. Just like your carpet your furniture needs regular vacuuming and this tool is the workhorse for that project. Furniture upholstered in fabric collects debris just like the carpet and should be vacuumed once every one to two weeks depending on use.

Your vacuum has many great uses and it an essential tool to keeping your home free of dirt and dust. It’s not just for the carpet. So make use of those attachments and be sure to clean your vacuum so it can continue to clean your home.

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