Why You Should Vacuum Once a Week

Vacuuming regularly is one of the most  important things you can do at home to prolong the life of your carpeting. While you may not be able to recognize the benefits that vacuuming has on your carpet with the naked eye, it is HUGELY important to stay on top of this task to keep your carpets in peek condition. It is recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least once a week and more often in high traffic areas and homes with pets and allergy or asthma sufferers. Here are the reasons why regular weekly vacuuming is so important to your floors: Why You Should Vacuum Once a Week


  1. The human body sheds more than 1million skin cells per hour! Over the course of a year these skin cells dance with and attach to airborne particles and soil also known as dust and accumulate to several pounds of debris in your carpets. This accumulation forms the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. Vacuuming sucks a majority of this  dust out of your floors.
  2. Protect wool carpets from beetle grubs. These bugs also referred to as “wooly bears” like to feed on wool flooring because their systems convert it into sugar in their stomaches making a tasty and addicting treat.
  3. Protect your home and its residents from moths, fleas, and other insects that try to make a cozy home in an undisturbed environment such as un-vacuumed rugs and carpets and even upholstery
  4. If you have allergy sufferers in your home it is extremely important to vacuum often. Carpets can hold particles of dust mite droppings, mold spores, or pet dander. Even if you aren’t an allergy sufferer constant exposure to irritants can lead you to become one.
  5. Smokers need to vacuum much more often than once a week as the harmful carcinogens from cigarettes settle into carpets and cause illness in non smoking family members including children.
  6. Save money on professional cleaning services by vacuuming. The cleaner you keep your carpets between professional cleanings the less work there is to be done when deep cleaning and restoring.

Regular and proper vacuuming is vital to the health of your home and your carpets. All Kleen  has a team of highly trained pros ready to give you the best deep cleaning care and expert advice on everyday carpet care. Make an appointment online today.