Vacuum cleaners play a huge role in carpet maintenance. It is recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least once a week more if you have a home with high traffic areas, small children, or pets. Vacuuming is so important that some say that routine and proper vacuuming is the most important thing you can do for your carpet followed closely by hiring a professional cleaner for regular deep cleaning.

Since your vacuum is such an important piece in prolonging and maintaining the condition and life of your carpet it is equally important to take care of your vacuum to keep it running and performing at its best. Here are some tips to keep your vacuum in top shape:

Before Vacuuming

Check the Brush- The brush is located at the bottom of the vacuum where everything gets sucked into. The brush is the rolling piece with bristles. The brush has the important job of lifting dirt from the carpet fibers. Hair, thread, and other long string-like items frequently get caught or tangled around the brush prohibiting the brush from spinning properly. To remove these troublesome tangles simply pull or cut them loose and throw away.

Check Hoses-Sometimes the hoses in your vacuum can get clogged with larger debris. Hoses are most effective in their suction power when they are free and clear. Every so often hoses should also checked for holes and worn spots.

Wipe the Wheels- Your vacuum rolls over dirty floors, because its purpose it to clean the dirty floors. Rolling along dirty floors can cause an accumulation of dirt on the wheels. A simple wipe down will clean them right up and prevent the further transfer of dirt through the home.

After Vacuuming

Empty the dirt- Vacuums with bags should have the bag changed out when the bag becomes half full. Bagless vacuums should be emptied after each vacuuming to ensure the best suction in the vacuum.


Owner’s Manual- check the manual for any maintenance guidelines. It is a good idea to change out dust and HEPA filters according to the owner manual suggestions. A dirty filter can overheat your vacuum as well as reduce the cleaning results of your vacuum.

Wash the parts- every one to two months it is wise to clean the attachment pieces in warm soapy water. Bagless vacuums should have the dust containers cleaned with warm soapy water as well. If your vacuum has plastic hoses detach them and stick them in a tub for a rinse with warm water and then hang them outside to dry.

Take care of your vacuum and it will take care of your floors. A vacuum in top shape keeps floors in top shape when paired with regular professional deep cleanings.

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