How Vacuums Work

One thing you will hear from every professional carpet cleaner is that vacuuming is the best thing you can do to care for your home’s carpet on your own. Your vacuum not only keeps up appearances in your home it also prolongs the life of your carpet and is part of keeping your warranty valid on brand new carpeting. Here is how those hard working carpet savers get the job done.

The Fan Blows How Vacuums Work

Most people could probably guess that there is a fan inside of a vacuum. You would assume that that fan aides in sucking things up into the vacuum, but the fan actually blows air out causing the pressure inside the machine to drop creating a partial vacuum inside the vacuum cleaner.

Air Floods In From Outside

All air seeks to maintain a uniform pressure naturally. If there is an area of high air pressure the air will move away from the high pressure and if an area has really low pressure the air will rush toward the low pressure. So when the fan inside the vacuum pushes air away it creates an area of really low pressure causing air to flood in from  the outside.


As air rushes into the opening of the vacuum on your carpet it creates friction with the dust and dirt hanging out in there. In ideal conditions the air rushing in will create enough friction to lift the dirt from the carpet and carry it into the vacuum with it.


The vacuum then separates the particles it picked up out of the carpet from the air rushing in.

Filters and Bags-as air is pulled into the vacuum it gets sent though a filter or bag. Air easily moves through the filter and escapes back out.The dust however can’t escape and gets trapped there.

Shop Vac-air is drawn into a large center chamber and spreads out to fill the chamber causing the friction of the air and  the dirt to stop resulting with the dirt dropping to the bottom of the chamber.

Cyclone Vacuum- this vacuum works with a little more of a complicated process by forcing the air coming in from outside into a cyclone movement pattern generating centrifugal force in the debris sucked in and forcing it out of the airstream depositing it into a container for easy disposal.

It’s  interesting to know how your vacuum gets all that dirt from your carpet and traps it so you can put it in its rightful place.

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