Water Damage from Melting Snow

‘Tis the season for severe weather. November gave us an early cold snap that brought snow with it. For some as that snow melts there will be some unexpected extra water inside their home.

Many homeowners are aware that severe rain storms can lead to water damage in the home most commonly in the basement but some are not aware that snow can bring water leakage as well. There are many things homeowners do to prevent water leaks from happening within the home from busted pipes or broken appliances, but the forces of nature are not as easily controlled.

So how does water enter a home from the outside? The answer is through the foundation. There are many historic homes in the Snohomish County and Seattle area that see some foundation seepage every stormy season. It is not uncommon for homes with basements and poor landscaping to see some foundation leakage. Concrete is porous and the walls of the basement can bring in water when large amounts pool around the exterior of the foundation. Too much water coming in means a flooded basement.

So what do you do when the ground thaws and the snow is now in your basement in the form of puddles? Call All Kleen Carpet Cleaning. All Kleen has all the tools and equipment to get your home dry again. The water can be extracted from your basement in the matter of hours and move on to removing water from harder to dry surfaces like your carpeting as well. All Kleen will make sure that all lingering moisture will be dried from soft surfaces. All Kleen has a 24 hours emergency response team with a 60 minute response time when every second counts.

Once the water is removed and the basement is dried out again it is a good idea to call a basement waterproofing specialist to prevent another winter thaw flood in your home. It may also be wise to look at your landscaping and drainage issues in the spring.

For all your Snohomish County and North Seattle water extraction needs contact All Kleen we will be there in a jiffy.