Water Damage to Carpet and Padding

Water Damage to Carpet and Padding

If you have dealt with a flood or major water damage, a simple carpet cleaning may not be enough. Here are some factors to think about when you have had water damage to the flooring or your carpet.

Dealing with a flood or major water damage can be stressful but not taken care of properly could result in major problems down the line. Flooding can cause massive property destruction and if not taken care of properly can lead to mold, mildew and health risks.

Flooding can come from a variety of sources such as broken pipes, overflowed toilets or bathtubs, an air conditioner leak, water heater breakage, sewage backup, dishwasher or washing machine malfunction, poor drainage or extreme rain and roof leakage.

Regardless of what you may be dealing with, water extraction is the first and most obvious step in the recovery process. The entire carpet will need to be pulled up and dried as well as the padding, which will probably need replacing. It’s best to check the subfloor and even below the subfloor for any sign of moisture or dampness that can lead to mold or mildew if not taken care of. Dehumidifiers, large fans, and dryers will need to be provided for humidity removal and any moisture in the wood or carpet.

If it’s warm outside, mold and mildew can grow faster so it’s best not to wait too long especially during the summer months. Molds can have a very distinctive musty smell and will grow with heat and moisture.

Most of the homes in the Pacific Northwest do not come standard with air-conditioning so they will get hot during the warm summer months. Taking care of any mold issues immediately after they happen will prevent health issues down the line. Mold can cause respiratory problems, heart problems, lung problems, brain issues and concentration problems. You would be surprised at how many different medical issues mold can actually cause if not taken care of immediately. It’s not smart to take a chance with your health or your property; when it comes to replacing carpet, padding or sub floor, don’t mess around. Don’t cut corners and do things the right way by getting any moisture cleared up as quickly as possible.

Smaller leakages that may not have hit the subfloor can be removed with a simple professional carpet cleaning. Call us if you have questions on whether or not your flood or water damage issue requires major cleaning or removal.