Wet Carpet After a Professional Cleaning?

If you have ever had your carpet professionally cleaned before you know that immediately following a cleaning the carpet will be damp for a little while. But how long should the carpet stay damp? If you have had your carpets professionally cleaned and they are not completely dry 24 hours later this is cause for concern.

Why would the carpet still be wet after the 24 hour time period?Wet Carpet After a Professional Cleaning?

  • Cleaner did not use professional grade equipment
  • Faulty equipment
  • Improperly or untrained cleaning technician
  • Clogged filter or hose
  • Technician rushing through job
  • Water pressure not balanced with vacuum pressure
  • Humid climate or current weather temps

Why is it important for the carpet to dry completely within a 24 hour time frame? The longer a carpet stays moist the more potential there is for mold and bacteria to begin growing in the carpet. Carpet is not intended to be saturated with large amounts of water nor is it meant to be damp or wet for long periods of time. You may find that after just 8 to 12 hours a very damp carpet will begin to take on a musty or old smell.

You will not be able to move your furniture back into the room or walk across the floor until the carpet is dry. Damp carpet becomes dirty easily and is also pretty slippery. To avoid needing another cleaning it is best to leave the carpet alone until you have a dry surface.

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With carpet cleaning the drying process is just as important as the cleaning solution applied. The right truck mounted cleaning equipment and correct training are crucial in the cleaning process to ensure just the right amount of solution is applied to the carpet and correctly extracted.

All Kleen has a team of highly skilled cleaning pros that will leave your carpet looking its best and dry in much less than 24 hours so you can get back to enjoying your fresh clean home. Make an appointment online to receive the best carpet care in Snohomish County and North Seattle.


  1. Carol Reid on December 15, 2019 at 2:16 pm

    I just had my berber carpet professionally cleaned 1 day ago. It is still pretty damp. How long will it take to dry ? Last time I had it done it was dr almost the same day or the next morning .Can you remove moisture with out using a steam carpet cleaner ? Maybe I should call the carpet cleaning place back.

    Thank you,
    Carol Reid

    • Tammy on December 16, 2019 at 8:41 pm

      I would call them back if you’re concerned … but yes, it does take about 24 hours for the carpets to be completely dry.