Why Wet Carpet is Really Bad!

One of the worst things that can happen to your carpet is an excessive amount of moisture.

Some of the most common ways carpets get wet or flooded is by leaky pipes, problems with household washing machines, carpet cleaner or diy cleaning that used too much moisture, and wet or disastrous weather. A carpet that stays very wet for 48 hours is even worse.Why Wet Carpet is Really Bad!

Excessively wet carpet leads to the growth of mold. Mold is extremely detrimental to human health when exposed to spores for long periods of time. Fi the moisture has reached the sub floor under the carpet pad it can mean structural damage as well. In many cases where mold has begun to grow in carpet the carpet needs to be replaced which is much more costly than carpet moisture removal.

Another problem with wet carpet is de-lamination. This is the process when the carpet fibers pull away from the pad and carpet backing because the glue has begun to dissolve due to moisture. A sign of de-lamination in carpet is bubbling or rippling.

If you have soggy carpet the first thing you want to do is find the source of the water. Make sure to repair leaks in pipes, appliances, and walls first then turn your attention to the carpet by hiring a trained professional in water extraction.

It is also very important to research professional carpet cleaners before hiring then to clean one of the most expensive and largest finishes in your home. It is not uncommon for an improperly trained cleaner to use too much moisture and leave it sitting in the carpet. There have also been many stories of home owners trying to clean the carpet on their own using too much moisture or a machine that was unable to extract all the water from the carpet.

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