What Are the Most Common Causes of Matted Carpets

Matted carpets, where the fibers become tangled and flattened, can result from various factors:

  1. Heavy Foot Traffic: Areas with high foot traffic, such as hallways and entryways, are prone to carpet matting over time due to the constant pressure on the fibers.

    Whether you put the best efforts into staying on top of routine carpet care between cleanings, or you take a more relaxed approach; there are some areas of your carpet that will show wear before others. These are high traffic areas, areas of the floor where that get more foot traffic than others. Examples of high traffic areas include: stairwells, hallways, and pathways through commonly used rooms like the living room. Caring for High-Traffic Areas in Carpet

    Because of the higher use, these high traffic areas tend to look dirty or matted and unsightly, but there are some things you can do to care for these areas.  

  2. Furniture Compression: Frequent placement of heavy furniture on the carpet can cause matting, especially if the furniture remains in the same position for an extended period.
  3. Improper Cleaning Techniques: Incorrect cleaning methods, such as using harsh chemicals or over-shampooing, can damage carpet fibers, leading to matting.
  4. Lack of Vacuuming: Inadequate or infrequent vacuuming allows dirt and debris to accumulate, which can cause matting as the particles grind against the carpet fibers.
  5. Pet Activity: Pets running, playing, or scratching on the carpet can contribute to matting, especially in specific areas where they spend a lot of time.
  6. Humidity: High humidity levels can weaken the carpet fibers, making them more prone to matting, particularly in humid climates or areas with poor ventilation.
  7. Age: Older carpets are more susceptible to matting due to wear and tear over time, especially if they haven’t been properly maintained.

    Carpet is an expensive yet important part of your home. Some carpets are made to last only a few years while others are made to last 30 or more. The majority of carpets today last around 15 years if you have older carpet you may be wondering if you should replace it. Sometimes all your carpet needs is rejuvenation from a good professional deep cleaning.

  8. Low-Quality Carpet: Carpets made from low-quality materials or with inadequate construction are more likely to mat prematurely compared to higher-quality options.

To prevent carpet matting, it’s essential to regularly vacuum, use furniture pads to distribute weight, employ proper cleaning techniques, and consider professional carpet cleaning and maintenance services periodically.

Schedule professional carpet cleaning at least once or twice a year to remove deep-seated dirt and rejuvenate the carpet fibers.

All Kleen uses truck-mounted cleaning systems that sanitize your carpets safely and effectively with OSHA-certified environmentally friendly products.

Our systems create steam by heating water to 220 degrees, and then they simultaneously inject and extract water from your carpet. This provides superior cleaning and also limits the amount of moisture left behind, so your floors are dry in a matter of hours.

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