What is Carpet Wear?

If your carpet is looking dingy in high-traffic areas and professional deep carpet cleanings are not bringing your carpet back to life like they used to you probably have carpet wear.

Carpet wear is a gradual process that happens slowly over an extended period of time. Carpet wear is the process of the carpet fibers, carpet padding, or carpet backing breaking down on a microscopic level. Of course with enough time passing it begins to become visible to the naked eye. Carpet wear most commonly occurs where there are high levels of foot traffic in combination with large amounts of soil.

There are a few different ways that carpet wear makes itself visible including matted carpet and/or dingy and discolored patches. Carpet wear is most often noticed in areas with repetitive traffic like hallways and stairs or even a room entrance. Carpet wear can also occur when there is a transition in flooring material. For example when one room is carpeted and the next has tile, the place where the two materials meet will have some wear on the carpet.

Fact is your carpet always has soil and dirt particle in it. These tiny particles act like sandpaper on the fibers of the carpet. Every time someone takes a step on the carpet the pieces of soil and dirt in the carpet move and grate on the fibers and backing. It is kind of like the fabric in a very beloved item of clothing. You may wash this favorite item and keep it fresh and clean but because it is used and becomes dirty it wears down the fabric.

What is Carpet Wear-There is no stopping carpet wear, just as there is no stopping a favorite item of clothing from wearing out with time, but there most certainly is a way to slow down carpet wear and prolong the life of your carpet. Regular vacuuming plays a huge role in slowing down the wear and tear on your carpet. The less dirt the less there is to grind on the carpet fibers. A professional carpet cleaning on an annual basis will also do wonders to prolong the life of your carpet.

One of the best ways to give your carpet the longest life possible is to read the carpet care tips in the manual that comes with your carpeting. Yes, even carpet comes with paperwork. Carpet manufacturers, especially the ones that offer warranties on their product will provide the buyer with instructions on the best way to care for your carpet.

Another way to help slow down the wear of your carpet is to periodically re-arrange the furniture in your home and change the walking paths and direction of foot traffic. Area rugs are also a good way to slow down wear lay them down in high traffic areas where the traffic flow can’t be redirected such as the hallway and in flooring transition areas. Of course, it is also good to remove shoes at the door to dramatically cut down soil in the home.

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