Tile and natural stone had a luxurious finish to any home, but grout can become dirty and stained over time leaving an unsightly mess and bringing down that high end look you fell in love with when it was first installed or you first purchased your home. Grout is a very porous substance leaving it vulnerable and susceptible to staining with time as such grout stains can be very difficult to remove. With the right knowledge of how to clean and maintain your grout you can get your badly stained grout in pristine condition.

The best way to take care of stains in your grout is to do your best to maintain the grout and prevent stains from happening. Grout lines on tiled floors are victim to foot traffic all that soil that you or anyone who comes into your home has walked through outside will be in your home on your floors and in your grout lines. It is a good idea to have a no shoe policy in your home to keep grout lines and tiled floors cleaner. The use of rugs at doorways is also a great help.

Regular mopping will aid in keeping grout lines clean. The old fashion way of mopping with a large bucket of soapy water that becomes dirty as you mop is not the best for tile floors. A more modern technique of a steam mop system or Swiffer wet jet system would be better fortile floors with grout.

It is good to give your grout a thorough scrubbing from time to time about once every month or two. You can grab an old toothbrush you have run through the dishwasher or a cheap toothbrush solely used to clean grout. Try simply running the toothbrush in some warm water and scrubbing grout lines you will be surprised by how much dirt comes up with just water. If your grout needs something a little stringer your can mix a solution of vinegar and water let sit for 15 minutes on the grout and then follow with a baking soda and water paste. These are natural home remedies that are safe for most grout and tile. Be careful with commercial cleaners; test them in an unseen area before use.

Have your tile professionally cleaned and sealed at least once a year to prolong the life and get it truly deep down clean. At home cleaning does a good job but over time there will be build up that can only be removed with a professional grout cleaning. Sealing the grout is important to prevent stains from setting into your grout.

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