Where is that Smell Coming From?

Ever walk in the door of your home after being gone for a while only to be greeted with a musty or funky smell? Nobody wants to be greeted with a funny smell when walking through the door. In a dream world, your home would always smell amazing to greet you, and your guests, into your home.  

So where is the smell coming from? What is making the air less than pleasant in your home? It is pretty clean, it’s not like there are piles of mess everywhere. Where is that Smell Coming From_ 

There are actually many things from everyday life that can be the source of odors in your home, and if you are unsure of where the slightly off smell is coming from you might want to check one of the following places.


Pets/Pet Bedding 

We love our pets just as we love any of our family members, but if one of your family members went without a bath for a while you may start to notice and ask them to bathe or not get so close to them. The same goes with our furry family members, they need regular wash ups. So bathe Fido often, and make sure that the place they love to snuggle up and chill out gets a good washing too. Pet bedding can become stinky over time.  


Wet Laundry 

If you have wet dirty clothes it is best to throw them right in the washing machine instead of into the hamper/laundry bin. The wet, enclosed, and rather dark environment is the favorite home and breeding ground of many bacteria and even mildew and mold. Wet laundry takes on a funky smell very quickly. It is also a good idea not to keep your laundry hamper in a wet place like the bathroom.  



As humans, we are unaware or immune to our own everyday body scent. One place that can be harboring odors that we just don’t realize or smell is our bed. Bedding can hold on to a significant amount of our body oils, hair, skin etc. it is recommended that you wash your bedding once a week if you shower every morning, and once every two weeks if you shower at night right before bed.  


Trash Can 

Ok, so it is no surprise that a trash can is a source of stink. What we don’t realize, or become too busy to do anything about is, the spills and yuck that build up in the bottom of the can and cause odors that linger even after the trash is taken out. To clean up the trash can, spray it down with a disinfectant and let it sit for a few hours, then rinse with lots of water, and finish with a soap and water bath.  


Front-Load Washing Machine 

Washing machines are constantly running water and as such make a nice home for smelly bacteria, especially if you have a front loading machine. Water gets trapped in the door seal and over time it will get very unpleasant, you may even end up with mold. Once a month it is a good idea to run some washing machine cleaner, like Affresh, through the machine and wipe down the door seals weekly.  



Another place in your home with constant water. The addition of food particles makes for an even germier and more stinky environment. Clean it up by running an empty dry-heat cycle on a regular basis.  If the silverware basket is moldy give it a good old fashion soak in the sink like you would for handwashing the dishes, but add a little bleach to the mix and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.  


Garbage Disposal 

The garbage disposal grinds up many old bits of food, and with time those bits just kind of hang out in there and grow bacteria. Remedy disposal smells by grinding up some citrus peel after wiping down the inside of the disposal while it is off. The citrus peel will not only deodorize the disposal it will leave your kitchen smelling wonderful.  


Upholstery and Carpet 

The fabrics in our home can harbor a large amount of dirt and a musty smell without weekly vacuuming and yearly deep cleanings. It’s like having a favorite sweatshirt that you only wear after taking a shower, never to work out, never to do physical labor, it doesn’t seem dirty, but over time it takes on a slightly less than fresh odor and needs to be slipped in the laundry. The same goes for your carpet and upholstery, they may not look or feel very dirty, but they are and could definitely use a deep cleaning.  


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