Why You Should Invest in Carpet Padding

Some people have bought into the myth that carpet padding is another way for carpet companies to make money off of consumers. Others think the only purpose for carpet padding is to make your flooring more comfortable and enjoyable. Truth is there are actually many reasons why carpet padding is important for homes with carpeting.

High quality padding protects the carpet. Without the padding the backing of your carpet hits the bare floor with foot traffic and wears down much more quickly. The padding acts as a buffer or barrier between the carpet and the bare floor. Furniture can do the same thing as foot traffic without padding furniture indentations are also more likely to become permanent.

Padding is a vacuum cleaner’s best friend. Carpeting stretched as tight as possible over bare floor has no slack or leeway. When a vacuum runs over carpet that is stretched to its limit it is not able to lift the carpetmissing dirt out of the fibers. All of the dirt and debris that works its way into the bottom of the fibers is likely to just sit at the bottom of the carpeting as the vacuum has a hard time getting to it. With padding a vacuum is able to lift or slightly suck up the carpeting and get a higher percentage of the dirt that resides there.

Carpet padding works as insulation to keep your home warmer. Carpet is breathable and alone will not do much to add to the insulating effect of a home but padding is dense and lets less cold air through. It is not a pleasant feeling to have a cold floor and chilly feet there is a reason that radiant heat flooring under wood and stone floors is increasing in popularity. High quality padding is a great way to keep your home warmer in chilly months and here in the great northwest that is a huge plus.

So if you are thinking about purchasing new carpet for your home but looking for ways to stay within a budget and cut costs don’t skimp on the carpet padding. Carpet padding is an important part of your expensive flooring investment it will help prolong your carpets life for years to come.

Another way to prolong the life of your carpet is regular professional deep cleaning.  For the best carpet cleaning in the North Seattle and Snohomish County area give All Kleen a call.

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