Will a Professional Cleaning Shrink My Carpet?

There are a lot of carpet cleaners in the world some better at their trade than others. It is very easy for someone to buy a rentable machine and slap a company title on the side of a vehicle and call themselves professionals. Hiring one of these untrained cleaners has led to many a carpet cleaning horror story. These experiences have led to a lot of myths and misconceptions about hiring a professional to clean your carpets one of them is carpet shrinkage.

The answer to “will a professional cleaning shrink my carpet?” is it can be possible of you hire the wrong cleaner. Here are some reasons why carpets shrink after a cleaning.

Natural fiber carpets like wool are more prone to shrinkage. This is not a problem if you hire a cleaner that knows and has experience with cleaning natural fiber carpets. It takes special know how to care for natural fibers. It is important for you as an owner to know what type of carpeting you have not just for professional cleaning purposes but also for do-it-yourself spot cleaning. If you are unsure of what your carpet is made of be sure to tell your carpet cleaning professional so they can help you determine that. This is another skill of trained and experienced carpet cleaning technicians.

Many of today’s carpets are made of synthetic fibers making the possibility of carpet shrinkage almost impossible. A small amount of shrinkage can occur if too much moisture has been applied to the carpet. This is a very common factor among cleaners who have not been trained properly in the correct way to steam clean a carpet. When too much water is used and not enough extraction is performed the carpet becomes bogged down with water and shrinking can occur.

Hiring the right company is very important when it comes to professional carpet cleaning. All Kleen is a reputable carpet, upholstery, tile cleaning and water extraction company in Snohomish County. Have confidence knowing you have hired a green carpet cleaner with thebest in cleaning equipment to get the job done right..