10 Items in Your Home that Need a Yearly Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner, we hope! It has been a very cold and seemingly long winter as we usually see a little bit warmer weather about this time in the great northwest. With spring comes spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning can bring excitement to get things done as well as some anxiety or stress at the thought of a mountain of tasks to accomplish. Here is some news to brighten your cleaning days and lighten your stress, some items only need to be cleaned once every year. So once they have been cleaned you don’t need to worry about them for another 12 months.

Here is a list of household items that need yearly attention:10 Items in Your Home that Need a Yearly Cleaning

Outside of Windows

We can all see the effect that weather and other things have on the windows over time. There is gunk that builds on both sides of the windows and the outside of your windows need to be washed to get that nice crystal clear effect we all love. You can hire a pro to do the dirty work for you or get on a ladder and do the job yourself. Start with a long handled brush to clear the grime from the frame and any surface dust on the window. Then get out the window cleaner and don’t forget to wipe dry; this step eliminates those pesky water spots.


Over the course of a year your curtains collect a lot of dust. Easily clean most curtains by sticking them in the washing machine. Make sure to read the fabric care instructions as some curtains may need to be dry cleaned. If you have a fabric valence that it mounted to wood you will want to vacuum it.


The duct in your dryer gets pretty clogged up with lint and dust overtime. To avoid fire in the home the vent should be cleaned once a year. First disconnect the duct from the back of the dryer and vacuum all around the back and under the machine then stick the vacuum hose in the vent and vacuum as far into the vent as possible. Next find the dryer vent output on the exterior of your home and vacuum that as well.


When the cold weather has died down and you foresee a longer stretch of time where you will not be using it, get out the shop vacuum and clean the ashes and wipe up any remaining residue with a damp paper towel. Now you are ready to call in a pro to help you with cleaning and inspection of the chimney.

Upholstered Furniture

Ideally you should be vacuuming your furniture once a weak. The fabric on your sofa may not be walked on like the carpet, but it does still collect dirt and debris and hair and bodily oils. Once a year call in a professional upholstery cleaner to get your furniture its cleanest clean and get all the deep down build up out.

Basement/Attic/Storage Shed

Many homes have a space where unused or unwanted items get stashed away. Set aside some time to go through the catch all space and purge anything that is no longer needed or wanted. It will give you a great satisfaction with the sense of accomplishment accompanied by a burst of energy.


If you have wall heating vents you have probably seen an unsightly build up of dust on the vent grate. Take the dust attachment off. Your vacuum and put it on the hose then suck that dust away instead of breathing it in. You can also do this will bathroom fans.

Outdoor Furniture

Spring is a great time to get the outdoor spaces ready for more use. Wipe down the patio furniture to get it ready for relaxing in. Use a gentle solution of a squirt of dish soap in a bowl of warm water. When finished wiping down follow with a rinse off from the hose. If you have outdoor cushions now is a good time to stick those in the wash.


Vacuuming is great, but it does not get the entire job done. Over time debris builds up deep in the carpet where a household vacuum does not reach. A truck mounted professional carpet cleaning will get your carpets good as new again.


A dirty gutter is cause for eventual bigger problems. When gutters clog with leaves, needles, dirt and other debris they will no longer be able to hold and carry water away from the home the way they were designed to.

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