Using Shaving Cream to Clean Carpets?

Carpet covers a big area in most homes and needs constant care and cleaning. Even in the most tidy of homes occasional accidental spills and stains happen especially in homes with pets and children. Did you know many of those spills and stains can be cleaned with the use of shaving cream?

Any shaving cream will work but to ensure no coloring or greasy residue get left behind on the carpet it is best to use plain classic white shaving cream. Some professional carpet cleaners say it is one of the best all- purpose carpet cleaners you can use. Shaving cream will get out a number of stains from carpet including pet accidents.

To clean a stain with shaving cream first test an inconspicuous area to ensure the carpet will not be damaged then remove or blot any of the excess stain from the carpet. Next apply the shaving cream and let it sit on the stain for 15 to 30 minutes the longer the better. When the shaving cream has had ample time to penetrate the stain take a dry cloth and blot until most of the shaving cream is out of the carpet. Next fill a spray bottle with vinegar to rinse soak up the moisture with a sponge. The stain should release from the carpet fibers if not repeat the process. If the stain does not lift after a few repetitions it is best to call in the professionals.

More uses for shaving cream around the home

  1. Mirror cleaner- it is great on the bathroom mirrors because it also keeps them from fogging
  2. Chrome cleaner- have chrome fixtures that are looking spotty use shaving cream to get them shining like new again
  3. Fun hand soap for kids- out of hand soap let the kids wash up with shaving cream they will find the foamy stuff fun and it will even get underneath those dirty finger nails
  4. Waterless soap- this is great for camping or in a spot with no running water not necessarily around the home. All you need to do is rub hands with shaving cream and wipe with a towel and your hands are clean.
  5. Quiet a squeaky door- in place of WD-40 shaving cream can be applied to a squeaky door hinge to make it quiet again

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