The Golden Rules of Cleaning

While there is no concrete law set in stone telling you how to clean, there are a few good practices of cleaning that will help you to make better use of your cleaning time and ensure better cleaning success. We like to refer to them as “golden rules.” Rules that stand the test of time and do not lose value because they are that helpful.  

Here are some “golden rules” of cleaning we think you may find helpful.  

Clean Sooner Rather than Later The Golden Rules of Cleaning

This golden rule should especially be applied to stains/spills/accidents and most certainly should be remembered when talking about your carpet. That red juice spill on the carpet has an exponentially higher chance of coming out when you pay attention to it as soon as it happens.  

This rule is also helpful when it comes to all cleaning. Ever heard the catchphrase, “why put off to tomorrow what you could get done today?” Leaving a task to get done later creates a pile-up of things to get done later and subconsciously builds stress until it becomes so stressful and such a big pile it is overwhelming. Keep things lighter and less stressful by just taking a few minutes to get them done instead of waiting until they are giant problems that require a large chunk of time.  

Let the Cleaning Solution do the Work 

Many times when we just want to go about cleaning and get it done we apply cleaning solutions to surfaces and then wipe or scrub at them right away. The more effective method is to apply your cleaning solution and let it sit for about 10 minutes letting the cleaning solution do the work of breaking down the gunk and germs. While you are waiting for the cleaning solution to do a majority of the “heavy lifting” knock out some other tasks like taking out the trash or putting things that belong in a different room away. When you come back you shouldn’t need to scrub so hard and you can be assured the germs have been killed.  

Top to Bottom and Back to Front 

This strategy will eliminate the need to clean something more than once. When cleaning a room, start at the top and work your way toward the floor. If you do it the opposite way or just sporadically clean things without this directional method, you will get items on lower levels dirty that you already cleaned and end up having to clean them a second time.  The same rule goes for cleaning from back to front. For example: start with cobwebs in ceiling corners, move to light fixtures then the window casings and blinds, then high shelves, etc. You should always end on the floor.  

Follow Instructions Carefully 

If you are using store-bought cleaners always read all of the instructions carefully BEFORE using a new product for the first time. If you do not remember the instructions entirely there is no shame in reading them again before you clean. Cleaning does not seem like rocket science and it is common for many of us to just apply any cleaner and go to work. The laws of chemistry tell us that is not the best idea. Different chemicals react and work in different ways and can be harmful or of no effective use at all when used incorrectly. So, always read the instructions first.  

More reasons to read the instructions: if you use too much cleaner you could be making things dirtier and attracting dirt to surfaces. If you mix the wrong solutions or use one cleaner right after another you could cause serious damage to surfaces or yourself. Mixing chemicals without proper instruction is extremely dangerous.  

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Keep Most of the Dirt Outside Where it Belongs 

This is more of a rule to make your life easier than a must-do. The reason for needing to clean is the presence of dirt and germs. A very high majority of dirt and germs enter our homes when we go outside of our homes and bring them back home with us upon our return. You can drastically cut down on the amount of dirt and germs you bring inside your home by simply using two high-quality doormats on either side of each exterior door and by taking your shoes, coats, and bags off and leaving them just inside the door.  

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